Monday, December 31, 2007

The NBA's Irregular Season

The entire summer and fall has been a long one for Dallas Maverick fans such as myself, and to be honest there is not too much to get excited about surrounding the Mavericks - at least yet. But I am sick and tired of hearing about how the Dallas Mavericks are playing "uninspired basketball" and how Dirk Nowitzki has already seen and fallen from his prime play. Living in the city of Dallas, I know all too well all the bashing of the Mavericks that has gone on lately. The fact of the matter is that the Mavericks are 20-11 and right now looking at being one of the top 6 seeds in the Western Conference playoffs. Through 31 games last year the Mavs were 24-7 and in the middle of a 13 game winning streak. In 2005, the Mavs were 23-8 through the same number of games. Yes, that's right folks most of the city of Dallas is freaking out about a team that is 3-4 games off the pace that they have previously set for themselves. Let's just remember where the 67-win team took us last year: no where but an embarrassing first round defeat to the Golden State Warriors. And though we try to forget the year before last the Mavericks were in the NBA Finals.

Dirk Nowitzki is said to be having an off-season while still averaging 21.7 points per game (24.7 the last 7 games) and while most are once again delusional about it, it is perfectly okay. Josh Howard is averaging 21.2 points per game up from last year's 18.9 and Devin Harris is averaging 13.9 points per game up from last year's 10.2. As the Boston Celtics are proving this season with their 26-3 dominant record why have one superstar when you can have multiple ones, which is Josh Howard is steadily starting to become. Dallas Maverick fans don't get too excited - yet, and sure go ahead and know that the Mavericks aren't playing their best basketball; this year they can save it for the postseason.

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