Saturday, December 25, 2010

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Check out my blog at:

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Monday, September 20, 2010

NFL Week 3 Power Poll

Eli Manning after getting hosed by his brother, Peyton.
#1 New Orleans Saints 1-0
Saint's defense has shown they can play too.

#2 Green Bay Packers 2-0
Green Bay hasn't proven much yet; big showdown next Sunday night against da Bears.

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers 2-0
Will the Steelers start 4-0 without Big Ben behind their monster defense?

#4 Miami Dolphins 2-0
Words cannot describe for how much Chad Henne has improved in the last year.

#5 Houston Texans 2-0
The Texans came back from a 10-27 deficit, maybe they shouldn't have gotten so far behind in the first place.

#6 Indianoplis Colts 1-1
Peyton Manning makes it look easy and is still the reason they are the favorite to win the AFC South.

#7 New York Jets 1-1
Offensive consistency might hold them back, but only time will tell.

#8 Chicago Bears 2-0
So what if they should have lost to the lowly Lions. Is Mike Martz back for real?

#9 New England Patriots 1-1
If I was a betting man, they'll be there at the end of the season, they always are.

#10 San Diego Chargers 1-1
I hate Philip Rivers. so. much.

#11 Atlanta Falcons 1-1
I think they have a darkhouse run in them this season.

#12 Kansas City Chiefs 2-0
Young core of solid players, how can you root against them? Oh ya, Charlie Weis.

Next Four: Minnesota Vikings 0-2, Cinci Bengals 1-1, Washington Redskins 1-1, Tampa Bay Bucs 2-0

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who is the Worst Sports Commentator Ever?

I know everyone is sad that March Madness is over and your bracket went down the drain since you weren't a little bitch by picking U. of No Care to win like everybody and the President, so let's keep this going a little bit longer. The ultimate goal is to find the worst sports commentator ever and I am opening it up to commentators, personalities, you name it. If you have a suggestion name 'em and I will add them to the list to burn.

I'm Back and Here to Stay, but Chill...

Good ole Roy taking a big ole Dump!

Hello there welcome to Sports Nation. Last year on April 17 something tragic happened, the Sports Nation Blog went out of business... forever...or at least everyone thought.

But here on this 7th day of April 2009 we bring you the return of SPORTS NATION. Now I know you are excited, but don't get too crazy, I do have a life now and won't be able to update on important sports news (sarcasticity) everyday like the last stint.

As Roy Williams and the rest of the University of Noone Cares celebrate the return of Williams' dildo ie. National Championship to Skipper Bowels' drive and Chapel Hill, I feel compelled to re-enter the sports world, join hands, and unite as we say "Screw you Roy Williams."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New England Has The Easy Road Morning Daily Links

I am well aware that the National No-Fun League sets their teams' schedule, at least opponent wise, years in advance, but that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't really seem fair that the 18-1 New England Patriots have the easiest strength of schedule for the upcoming 2008 season - by far.  The Pats are playing teams with a combined .387 winning percentage from last year; here is a list of all of the teams' strength of schedule. (SOS)

The Money Shot offers his opinion on why Jason Giambi should widely be considered the worst player in all of professional baseball, and I can't say I much disagree; he bites the big one. (The Middle Finger)

An interesting little article on what the former owner of the Sonics is trying to do to keep the team in the town of Seattle. (Save the Sonics)

Tiger Woods had knee surgery yesterday only two days after the conclusion of the Masters, but don't worry Tiger enthusiasts because he should be back in time for the U.S. Open that begins on June 12. (Get Better Soon Tiger)

A few days ago it was reported that the New York Knicks started to give away free food to fans that attended the game, but now the Knicks are losing some of the team's most prominent fans like, you guessed it, Tom Brokaw. (Knicks Lose Another Fan)

One Year Later: We Remember

One year ago today tragedy struck the Virginia Tech campus as innocent students were killed for seamlessly no reason at all.  As a college student at another big state university I can definitely empathize with all of the students of Virginia Tech and just wish to send my deepest condolences to the entire Virginia Tech Hokie community.  April 16th will forever be a reminder to the tragic incident and it should remind us all of the fact that things like sports and material possessions don't really matter in the scheme of life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the far

Congratulations to Trevor Immelman, this year's Masters Champion, the second South African to ever win the tournament, as CBS announcer Jim Nantz pointed out about five hundred times over the course of the final round.  Most of the blog posts that I have read about the 2008 Masters in the last two days are focused on Immelman and bashing Tiger Woods, and rightfully so.  

Tiger Woods didn't execute in the clutch on Sunday, let alone the entire week, yet was still able to finish in second place.  Tiger was -1 (one-under par) and seven shots back of the lead going into the weekend and than made a charge late in the day on Saturday getting to -5 (five-under par) and was within six shots of leader Immelman.  

Make no doubt about it, Trevor Immelman won the Masters and was definitely the most consistent player of the week, not to mention overcoming adversity under immense pressure on both the 70th and 71st holes of the tournament.  But if you watched any of the tournament, especially Sunday, you should know that Tiger Woods was only a few short putts, that many average mini-golfers could make, away from winning his fifth green jacket.

Since Tiger has taken the sport of golf by storm more than a century ago it has become Tiger versus the field; for a few years everyone thought that the field was finally catching back up to Tiger Woods, but I think this weekend is just a prime example of how much better Tiger is than anyone else.

Tiger Woods has finished in the top five in every event he has played in since last July's British Open.  I think it's definitely fair to say that his past week of Masters Championship golf has been his most inconsistent, frustrating and sporadic golf since that time, nearly nine months ago.  

Here we are reflecting on the 2008 Masters and while runner-up Tiger Woods played his worst golf in a long time, other top ten finishers likely played the four best rounds of golf that they will ever be blessed with in their lifetime.  Some things in life just aren't fair.  But don't tell that to Tiger Woods; second place will never be good enough for him.