Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who is the Worst Sports Commentator Ever?

I know everyone is sad that March Madness is over and your bracket went down the drain since you weren't a little bitch by picking U. of No Care to win like everybody and the President, so let's keep this going a little bit longer. The ultimate goal is to find the worst sports commentator ever and I am opening it up to commentators, personalities, you name it. If you have a suggestion name 'em and I will add them to the list to burn.

I'm Back and Here to Stay, but Chill...

Good ole Roy taking a big ole Dump!

Hello there welcome to Sports Nation. Last year on April 17 something tragic happened, the Sports Nation Blog went out of business... forever...or at least everyone thought.

But here on this 7th day of April 2009 we bring you the return of SPORTS NATION. Now I know you are excited, but don't get too crazy, I do have a life now and won't be able to update on important sports news (sarcasticity) everyday like the last stint.

As Roy Williams and the rest of the University of Noone Cares celebrate the return of Williams' dildo ie. National Championship to Skipper Bowels' drive and Chapel Hill, I feel compelled to re-enter the sports world, join hands, and unite as we say "Screw you Roy Williams."