Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who is the Worst Sports Commentator Ever?

I know everyone is sad that March Madness is over and your bracket went down the drain since you weren't a little bitch by picking U. of No Care to win like everybody and the President, so let's keep this going a little bit longer. The ultimate goal is to find the worst sports commentator ever and I am opening it up to commentators, personalities, you name it. If you have a suggestion name 'em and I will add them to the list to burn.


David said...

i would say that susan waltman, one of the radio announcers for the yankees is by far the worst, just plains doesnt know anything about the game of baseball

Anonymous said...

one of the radio announcers for the yankees is by far the worst,

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Pacquiao vs. Cotto said...

For me the most worst commentator are the following:
Chicago White Sox Broadcasters
Bill Walton
Lou Holtz

Anonymous said...

Chris Collinsworth is the worst ever. He has a terrible voice and brings nothing to the game unless you count turning down the volume when he comes on. He is more worthless than Deion Sanders, who is the scum under the scum's poop.

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