Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world...by far

Congratulations to Trevor Immelman, this year's Masters Champion, the second South African to ever win the tournament, as CBS announcer Jim Nantz pointed out about five hundred times over the course of the final round.  Most of the blog posts that I have read about the 2008 Masters in the last two days are focused on Immelman and bashing Tiger Woods, and rightfully so.  

Tiger Woods didn't execute in the clutch on Sunday, let alone the entire week, yet was still able to finish in second place.  Tiger was -1 (one-under par) and seven shots back of the lead going into the weekend and than made a charge late in the day on Saturday getting to -5 (five-under par) and was within six shots of leader Immelman.  

Make no doubt about it, Trevor Immelman won the Masters and was definitely the most consistent player of the week, not to mention overcoming adversity under immense pressure on both the 70th and 71st holes of the tournament.  But if you watched any of the tournament, especially Sunday, you should know that Tiger Woods was only a few short putts, that many average mini-golfers could make, away from winning his fifth green jacket.

Since Tiger has taken the sport of golf by storm more than a century ago it has become Tiger versus the field; for a few years everyone thought that the field was finally catching back up to Tiger Woods, but I think this weekend is just a prime example of how much better Tiger is than anyone else.

Tiger Woods has finished in the top five in every event he has played in since last July's British Open.  I think it's definitely fair to say that his past week of Masters Championship golf has been his most inconsistent, frustrating and sporadic golf since that time, nearly nine months ago.  

Here we are reflecting on the 2008 Masters and while runner-up Tiger Woods played his worst golf in a long time, other top ten finishers likely played the four best rounds of golf that they will ever be blessed with in their lifetime.  Some things in life just aren't fair.  But don't tell that to Tiger Woods; second place will never be good enough for him.


Kevin said...

Comparing the greens at Augusta to mini-golf? C'mon. That's an insult. Tiger didn't have the putter working all week. He was never in contention and has NEVER even challenged in a major when trailing after 54 holes.

Why didn't you use the knee injury as an excuse why he didn't win? Nicklaus is still better then Tiger and just remember those guys (Palmer, Player, Watso, Trevino, etc.) played with inferior equipment.

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