Sunday, January 13, 2008

NFL Divisional Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend I went 3-1 on predictions - bringing my playoff record to 5-3 so far.
Here are some general thoughts on this weekend's games:
  • Ryan Grant fumbled the ball two times in the first four minutes and one second of the game yesterday, after that he had 27 carries for 201 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • The Pack scored 42 of the last 48 points of their game.
  • After their first two possessions, the Seahawks were forced to 4 punts, 1 fumble, 1 turnover on downs, and 6 points on two field goals.
  • For a series of plays, when Green Bay had the ball, in the 4th quarter the snow was coming down so hard that FOX was forced to use cameras from the sideline view.
  • The New England - Jacksonville game was an overhyped game, yes it was close, but no the game was never out of New England's grasp.
  • Tom Brady threw 26 of 28 (92.9 %) and set a record for highest completion rate in a NFL game.
  • Jacksonville lost their key battles being held to 80 rushing yards and TOP - 27:40.
  • Marvin Harrison was not ready to play in this game; the first time he was hit, he fumbled.
  • Both of the Charger's interceptions were tipped balls and in or near their defensive red zone.
  • Indianapolis approached this game the wrong way by trying to avoid the run: they were held to 44 rushing yards.
  • The New York Giants are now 9-1 on the road this season.
  • Dallas lost this game more than anything and had multiple chances to carve through the Giant's secondary before the 4th quarter, but they could not execute because of a major miss thrown ball by Tony Romo towards wipe open T.O. in the red zone, dropped passes by receivers, and penalties as a result of Andre Gurode screwed up snaps in the Shotgun formation.
  • The Dallas Cowboys trying to control the time of possession did exactly the opposite of what the Cowboys wanted.  The Cowboys O-line was dead tired by the 4th quarter and that is why the Giants were finally able to pressure Tony Romo.
With that I leave the question whether or not this Cowboy's loss is equal in magnitude to the Dallas Maverick's first round loss to the Golden State Warriors in last years NBA playoffs.
Personally, I think the two are very comparable...

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