Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NCAA College Basketball Tournament Bubble Trouble

According to ESPN's Bubble Watch there are still 31 teams that are on the bubble, that is either barely in the tourney or looking in from the outside.  ESPN says there are 32 locks, thus far, but a few of the teams that "should be in", and therefore not locks to be in, to me are locks.  These teams include West Virginia, Baylor, Kansas State,  and even teams like Kent State and UNLV.  This year, I see so many mediocre teams near the bottom of the field's bracket.  More than ever before picking the in teams and out teams is like splitting Don King's hair.  This week, fans from bubble teams have to be sitting on the edge of their seat during every conference tournament final game.  Teams like Gonzaga and Virginia Commonwealth losing in their conference finals definitely put a damper on the bubble because Gonzaga is a lock and VCU, the mid-major, deserves to be in the tournament a lot more than many other teams in major conferences.  After this week, everything will be sorted out, but there are several teams that are only one win away from being in the Big Dance - i.e. Ohio State / Texas A&M.

With every upset the bubble will shrink.  Let the upsets continue!


Kevin Hayward said...

I hope Kansas State makes the tournament, for no other reason than I'd like to see how far Michael Beasley can carry the team. I honestly think he could get them to the Sweet 16, depending on the draw they get.

GMoney said...

VCU lost in the semis, not the Finals...the CAA is only getting one this year.

Kent State absolutely deserves to get in.