Friday, March 28, 2008

The NFL Needs A New Statistic

Statistics have always been a big part of sports, and in football there are tons of them.  At the end of every year NFL players can marvel at themselves and keep track of how many yards, touchdowns, tackles, sacks, interceptions, or field goals that they stacked up in the previous season.  But it just feels like there is something missing.

With all the recent rule changing in the NFL, I propose that they add a new stat to the list: times arrested.  It's becoming so common recently that it would almost be a crime not to have it as a stat.  The NFL could have league leaders and even hand out a pretty trophy to the biggest outlaw every year; it would be great.

Speaking of the biggest outlaw, Adam "Pacman" Jones might actually make his way onto the football field in the 2008 season, after being suspended for the entire 2007 season.
It's not really clear exactly how many times Pacman Jones has been arrested, but it falls somewhere between two and six.  A few days ago Jones had a lengthy interview with the Michael Irvin Show and finally took responsibility for his actions, said he is a changed man, and that he promises to do gooder.  You really got to hand it to the guy because he hasn't been in legal trouble for over two months; good for you Pacman, keep that streak alive for a few more days.

In the last few weeks the Dallas Cowboys, America's Team (of Criminals), have expressed interest in Jones and it's really looking like he'll get to hang out with his law-breaking buddy, Tank Johnson, in Dallas.  I say that Cowboy's owner, Jerry Jones, just goes to a jail and pick up some guys for his team because it will probably leave him in a better situation.

The Cowboy's new slogan?  Where gangsters go to get clean.

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