Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The No Fun League Is Here To Stay

At the end of the month the NFL, formerly the National Football League, teams will be voting to as to whether or not they should officially change names to the "No Fun League."  

The past few off-seasons the league has passed some really dumb rules to try to suck as much fun as they possibly can out of the game of football.  Today that fun-squeezing seemed to continue when I heard that the league's teams will be voting on a ban of player's hair flowing out of their helmets because "the hair could cover their name" and is a uniform violation.  Everyone knows that's not the real reason for their stupid new proposed rule, and I can't help but feel that the rule is directed towards a certain race, which is just wrong. 

Roger Goodell - if you ever find this article than I want you to leave my site with this simple and very non-vulgar statement engraved in your mind: Quit your job, you fun-sucker-out-of-er.

What would players like Troy Polamalu, Marion Barber, and Al Harris be like without long hair?  I'll tell you what, just boring old football players.

The picture above is of the famous Lambeau Leap, a precise art that is executed at home Green Bay Packer's football games by the receiver who catches a touchdown.  Now look at that picture and tell me how that is hurting anyone: beer flying everywhere, a massive celebration, and that beautiful cheesy grin on Donald Driver's face.

The NFL acts like everything that has to do with the league is a matter of national security, but the reality is that football is supposed to be a form of entertainment for fans.  Banning things like touchdown celebrations just take away an element of that entertainment value.
With that I just want to leave you with a simple statement and that is this -

I would demand he buy me another popcorn.

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