Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top 10 Most Overrated Things In Sports

Here is the second installment of a new column called 'Top 10 Things In Sports', a new weekly thing that I will do.  Here is your list of the Top 10 things in sports that we think are way overrated and people care way too much about.

#10 NHL Regular Season
There were a  lot of mixed emotions about me leaving off the NHL from 'The Top 10 Things in Sports That Suck', but don't worry hockey haters.  The shallow and pedantic NHL regular season makes this list instead.  Go watch a regular season hockey game and then tell me it should be on ESPN.  In the NHL, if it ain't the playoffs it ain't interesting, unless it is sixty minutes of fighting.

#9 Bad NBA Teams
The lowest-tier teams of the National Basketball Association may achieve a new goal this season by featuring three teams with less than twenty wins.  If it happens it will be the first time since 2001 that the league has at least three such teams.  The competitors this year are the Minnesota Timberwolves (17-50), the Memphis Grizzlies (16-51), the Seattle SuperSonics (16-52), and the current leading Miami Heat (12-55).  Next year, to be fair, I think the Heat should move down to NCAA College Division II basketball.  People have always said that any NBA team can beat another team on any given night, but if you are gonna tell me that right now, well than that's just crazy!

#8 Weird NFL Game-times
In case anyone was wondering, NFL games are supposed to be played on Thanksgiving Day, Sundays, and every Monday Night, but the league seems to think otherwise.  NFL, why don't you stop screwing with us and scheduling games on random Thursday and Saturday nights; it'd be much appreciated.

#7 Watching Baseball on TV
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the sport of baseball, America's supposed "pastime", but watching baseball on television just isn't the same as being at the game.  The ball is almost never in play, you lose your focus so easily while doing other stuff, and you'll miss your entire episode of "Lost."  Just go to the ballpark next time.  Your league worst Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates or Kansas City Royals will really appreciate your business.

#6 Referees
As a kid I was always taught to treat the ref with respect and I did my best except for the time I punched the mean old guy (just kidding), but recently a lot of refs have really gotten on my nerves.  If these guys want respect from the players than they need to stop making horrible calls, and that's right betting on the games.

#5 Pro All-Star Games
I'm just going to go ahead and say it: If you watch the NFL Pro-Bowl you have way too much time on your hands.  You really need to go get a hobby or something if that's the case.  More than that I don't like All-Star games because who wants to see superstars play each other and look just ordinary when they can play mediocre players on other teams and look magnificent.

#4 Part of College Football's Bowl Season
It really bums me out when I see a bowl game is on TV the last week in December and then it's something like the New Orleans Bowl.  I think once, when I was younger, all of the bad bowl games actually made me sick, gave me chicken pox, and made me miss about a week of school.  But this year when they put the International Bowl on January 5 and the GMAC Bowl on January 6 it really made me want to upchuck.

#3 MMA
Before you attack me on this one, let me just say that I have watched mixed martial-arts before.  The problem is that any time I have ever seen it, the two guys "fighting" just end up on top of each other humping and fighting  like little girls.  At least the Rock had really moves in wresting, you know, like the people's elbow.

#2 Specific Knowledge Sports "Experts"
Guys like Mel Kiper Jr. and Joe Lunardi really piss me off because it seems like they are getting paid and get to be on TV for absolutely no reason.  Both of these guys are so called "experts" in the NFL draft and bracketology, respectively.  The problem I see with that is that they never tell me anything that I don't know or I can't look up.

#1 College Basketball RPI
The RPI, or Ratings Percentage Index, is outdated and because of the NCAA's flip-flop mentality they really need to just get rid of the thing.  It's obvious that the NCAA college basketball selection committee didn't use the RPI as much of a factor this year because while Dayton and Illinois State (ranked 32 and 33 in RPI) didn't get in the tournament, Kentucky and Oregon (ranked 57 and 58 in RPI) did.  Personally, I think it's a stupid and incomplete stat so NCAA should do us all a favor and get rid of it.  And you guys probably used the dumb thing to help fill out your brackets.  Suckers!

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