Sunday, March 16, 2008

NCAA Basketball Tournament Thoughts

After a weekend full of college basketball conference tournaments, it is finally almost time for the Big Dance.  My conference tournament picks went a cool 15 for 30 and my picks from last month for the top 16 teams in the tourney went 8 for 16, both of those falling somewhere in between great and horrible.

Today I watched a lot of ESPN's Bracketology and I really got tired of Bob Knight and Jay Bilas talking about how there should be no automatic bids into the NCAA tournament.  It's really getting repetitive because it is all Bob Knight is talking about.  The main thing they were trying to say is that the way it is now the tourney does not involve the best 65 teams in NCAA, and that may be true, but the fact of the matter is that if a team is a top 30 team they make it to the tournament.  I love conference tournament week and it's what gives all teams a chance unlike the BCS does.  Contrary to popular belief, this tournament does not need to be expanded to 128 teams - that's just getting ridiculous.

I think the NCAA committee did a good job naming the four number one seeds: UNC, UCLA, Memphis, and Kansas, who all clearly proved that there were the four best teams in college basketball by winning their conference tournaments and regular seasons.

As a #7 seed Butler got absolutely shafted because 1 - they shouldn't be lower than a #5 seed and 2 - they shouldn't have to play an away game against #10 South Alabama (bubble team) in Birmingham, Alabama.

My favorite matchup in all of the tournament is probably #6 USC vs. #11 Kansas State because a big part of that matchup is freshman phenomenon's O.J. Mayo of USC and Michael Beasley of Kansas State.

From looking at the 34 at-large bids, Villanova was the lowest seed at #12, and to me that means they were the last team to get in the tournament.

The winner of the award for Biggest Snub goes to Arizona State (19-12, 9-9) who beat #9 seed Arizona (19-14, 8-10) twice and as you can see, has the better record.

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