Monday, April 14, 2008

Carmelo Anthony Is A Good Role Model

Earlier this morning, Denver Nugget fans probably woke up as jubilant as ever after the Nuggets handily beat the Houston Rockets yesterday 111-94, all but almost guaranteeing a playoff berth.  This afternoon when these same people come home from work they probably won't feel quite the same after learning their beloved star Carmelo Anthony was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Anthony's lawyer was quoted as saying, "Like anyone in a similar situation, Carmelo has to wait for the results of the blood test.  He regrets putting himself in the situation."  To me that means the guy knew he was driving drunk; how stupid can you be.  I may not have the athletic ability to be in the National Basketball Association, but I would hope that I at least have the brains to not drink and drive during a playoff battle with two days left in the regular season.  

As much as I hate Don Nelson, Baron Davis' ugly beard, and the entire Golden State Warrior team, Carmelo Anthony no longer deserves to be in the playoffs.


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