Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Olympic Torch Late Morning Daily Links

Today the Olympic torch will take a stroll through the city of San Francisco in it's only U.S stop before heading to the Beijing Olympics later this year. If you are in the San Fran area this morning I encourage you to make a cool sign and join the protest. Maybe you'll get on TV. Google has even made a guide for the international traveling protestor. (Google's Guide to Protesting the Olympic Torch)

This time of the year there are always tons of stupid brackets made, but 'Why Don't we Get Drunk and Blog' has interesting one going on looking for the worst top sports blog on the web. I encourage everyone to rock the vote. (Suckiest Sports Blog)

After seeing Roy Williams in a shirt endorsing the Kansas Jayhawks at the National Championship, some people are starting to think that he isn't full of shit after all. I am definitely going to have to beg to differ on that one. (Roy Williams' Divided Loyalties)

Eli Manning is getting married soon to his longtime sweetheart, how adorable. (We Gonna Get Married)

Supposedly a report has just been announced that Kevin Love and Darren Collison will in fact leave UCLA for June's NBA draft. UCLA may be hard-pressed to achieve failure in the Final Four again next year. (ESPN)

Not that anybody watches hockey in America, but Sports Opinion has their take on the first round of the NHL playoffs that are set to begin tonight. (NHL Playoff Preview)

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NFL Adam said...

Love should leave. What, is he going to get faster or something?