Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas Showed Its Greatness

Let's face it: no team is perfect in college basketball, and this year (especially) there was no definitive dominant team for the whole tournament. UNC dominated their first four opponents, but then they folded. Memphis had supposedly overcome their free throw problem, at least until last night when the law of averages came to life. Davidson seemed like it couldn't be stopped until Stephen Curry's big shots stopped falling against Kansas. And Kansas; the Kansas Jayhawks almost fell to the cinderella #10 seed in the Elite 8 and definitely showed it's vulnerability almost blowing their 28 point first-half lead. It was clear that no team had been perfect this March, but somebody had to win.

The Kansas Jayhawks stepped up and did what they had to do and that's really all that matters. KU shoot over 52% from the field during five of their six tournament games, and more impressively held their opponents to pretty horrible field goal percentages with their solid defense. With six seniors and Brandon Rush leaving, there is no doubt KU will have their work cut out for them next year. But that's next year. They can worry about that later.

As for Mario Chalmers' three pointer that tied the game, 63-63, with 2.1 seconds - that's what greatness is made of.

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