Friday, February 15, 2008

Dallas Mavericks' "Trade" All Makes Sense Now

Mark Cuban never intended for Devin Harris, Desagana Diop, Maurice Ager, Jerry Stackhouse, or Devean George to leave for the New Jersey Nets.  I think that's definitely clear, at least in my mind, until he proves otherwise. 
If you go to the Dallas Mavericks site or Mark Cuban's blog, neither one have any mention of the potential trade.  And I know you guys don't believe and will try to find something, go ahead, I dare you. With the NBA trade deadline looming and only six days away, I really think Mark Cuban consulted his players, especially Stackhouse and George , before the Jason Kidd trade was accepted.  He told Jerry Stackhouse to say that he will be back in Dallas in 30 days and Devean George to stand firm with his bird rights.  The reason George was able to block the trade was because of his "Larry Bird rights", keeping him from losing contract leverage this summer as a free agent.  I really think Mark Cuban knew this when he accepted the trade and contrary to what some believe he is a very smart guy.  
What this probably means is that, in reality, Cuban is trying to get Jason Kidd for less than what he is actually worth, or instead just trying to keep the Dallas Maverick's fans happy by "trying" to make a trade, and either way it's a stroke of genius by Cuban.  Another possibility is that Cuban intended to trade away the rights of Keith Van Horn, who is still technically a part of the Mavs.

 Of course, all of this goes out the window in the next six days if Jason Kidd becomes a Dallas Maverick and the original trade goes through.  We'll just have to see...

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Neil Joshi said...

Nice blog. Dallas almost had to make a move because of what the other contending teams around them have done. But, your right, they are giving up far too much just to get a 35-year old Kidd who is having the worst shooting year of his career. Harris has a lot of potential, and is only beginning to show what he's capable of. I believe that he is the key in the deal. If he wasn't involved, Cuban probably would have pulled the trigger weeks ago.

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