Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pettitte : Given the benefit of the doubt?

Tampa,Fla - Andy Pettitte faced the media today at the Yankees spring training complex hoping to put an end to his endless summer of embarrassment . I believe to an extent he did. Pettitte stood at the podium and took all questions, except those concerning Roger Clemens. One particular question stood out “Do you consider yourself a cheater?” he was asked. Pettitte replied “I didn’t do it to try to get an edge on anyone; I didn’t do it to try get faster, or stronger, or throw harder. I did it because I was told it might be able to help me. If people want to think that I am lying, then they should call me a cheater. “He displayed the same genuine, honest, folksy personality that makes him so likeable in New York. Oh and did I mention his demeanor on the mound in a big game? Pettitte will get by this like he got by the Atlanta in ’96 with a hot John Smoltz on the mound. Like he almost did last season in Cleveland before the bugs attacked Joba Chamberlain. That’s how he needs to look ahead to this season, like a big game. He needs to pull the brim of his cap down to the top of his eyes and dig in. After all they visit Red Sox nation the second weekend of the season, where the fans will be ready for war. I look forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

I believe guys take those shots to look good, and they do. I believe Andy and Roger are the best players in baseball and it takes skills to throw a ball. It is not all muscle it is also the way you hold the ball and focusing the eyes on where you want to throw the ball. Also how you turn your wrist and let the ball go that is "skill".
I look forward to this season too Jimmy. "GO YANKEES"