Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl - Thoughts, "The Play", Commercials

Earlier this morning I put my feelings towards the Super Bowl this way: I want the New England Patriots to lose, not the New York Giants to win.  I honestly thought that the Pats were going win this game, but the Giants defense did a great job of keeping Tom Brady on his back the entire game.  Eli Manning once again managed the game greatly the first three quarters of this game, only this time, in the 4th quarter, he took over the game and refused to lose.  Eli Manning's spin away from New England defenders and heave down the field towards David Tryee in the 4th quarter was simply one of the best plays I have ever seen on a football field.  Both, quarterback and receiver, made phenomenal plays, and there is no doubt in my mind that this play will be on SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays of the Year, come December 2008.  If you don't know what play I am talking about 1)shame on you 2)here is the link, go watch it!

Call me crazy, but could anyone else here the disappointment in Joe Buck's voice wh
en the Giants made that play?  Even though I had no connection whatsoever to either of the teams in the Super Bowl (other than just plain disliking the Pats) this is the greatest Super Bowl I have ever watched and is sure to be ranked as one of the best Super Bowls of all-time. 

With that I leave you with my Top 10 list of Super Bowl commercials for this year.  They can be found here and the number in parenthesis is what quarter the ad was aired.

1)Sleep - Diet Pepsi Max (1st)
2)Parade Floats - Coca-Cola (3rd)
3)Mice - Doritos (2nd)
4)Silence the Stains - Tide (2nd)
5)Baby - E-Trade (3rd, 4th)
6)Cashew Deodorant - Planters Nuts (2nd)
7)Fire Breathing - Bud Light (1st)
8)Will Ferrell "Jackie Moon" - Bud Light (4th)
9)Hank the Horse - Budweiser (2nd)
10)The Pigeons - FedEx (2nd)

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