Friday, February 1, 2008

Pau Gasol to LA Lakers - Immediate Impact?

Moments ago it was announced that Pau Gasol, longtime Memphis Grizzlie, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for center Kwame Brown, rookie point guard Jarvaris Crittenton, out of Georgia Tech, and two future number picks.  

Just a few days ago when I was watching the Maverick-Grizzlies game I pondered whether Gasol would be able to get out of the hole that Memphis is this season, or if he would have to wait till 2008-2009.  There is no question that this trade benefits both teams.  Memphis is looking for a more fast-paced kind of game and there is no question that Gasol did not fit the piece of this puzzle.  If you have ever seen the Memphis Grizzlies play defense, okay well I just won't go there; I could go on for pages.  
I applaud the Lakers for doing something to get rid of scrub Center Kwame Brown, but I am  just wondering if the Lakers are doing this for Kobe and only thinking short term.  Andrew Bynum really became an up and coming center for the Lakers this season, but since his injury on January 13 this team has lost five of eight and that won't necessarily change just because of the addition of Gasol.  If I am a Lakers fan I obviously feel great about being a contender again, but also have to hope that Gasol and Bynum are both able to shine later this season and next season.  The Lakers are currently three and a half games out of the Western Conference lead - and this year that is not very much.  Pau Gasol has been plagued by some kind of injury two of the last three seasons and that adds question in my mind whether he can play well into his thirties, but only time can tell.  For now though the Lakers just need to worry about team chemistry and the rest of this season.  

Kobe wanted another star on his team, and he's got that in Gasol; the question is what is he going to do now that he has him?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Host said...

As a Fantasy Basketball fan ( ), I think the immediate pickup should be Hakim Warrick.

As a longtime Lakers fan, I think it's a good move because it gives them a lot of young talent -- superstar talent.

Andrew Bynum is amazing. Lamar Odom is a little inconsistent, but a solid player. Pau Gasol -- outstanding.

I think it's a great move by the Lakers. We should see benefits for years to come.