Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vanderbilt Beats #1 Tennessee - Who Has Got What?

Just moments ago #14 Vanderbilt beat their arch-rival #1 Tennessee 72-69, less than 28 hours after their men's basketball team had become the number one ranked team in the nation for the first time in the Volunteer's ninety-nine season history.  Memorial Gymnasium, Vanderbilt's home court, is one of the most unique basketball arenas I have ever seen.  Not only did I notice that the team's benches are at the end of the court (which creates a huge disadvantage for the visiting team), but it also looks like half of the floor section is below the court.  I don't know about anyone else, but I was very disappointed to see the lack of court-rushage after the game.  At least to make up for it, we will get to see what know-it-all ESPN commentator Skip Bayless, and Vandy alum, has to say tomorrow morning on ESPN2's Cold Pizza.  This morning good old Skip refused to accept that there was even a chance that the Commodores could win this game.  Good job Skippy, wrong again! 

With that here is an early look at my #1-#4 seeds.

#1 Seeds
Memphis - If these Tigers can't beat the rest of their C-USA opponents, well, than that's just sad.
UCLA - I really think that Stanford is the only real obstacle in this team's way of a #1 seed, and I think the Bruins can handle that.
UNC/Duke - The March 8 meeting between UNC and Duke in Durham will have a #1 seed on the line.
Kansas - Lately, KU has been vulnerable to Big 12 upsets, but I think they will get back on track and win the Big 12 tournament, just to prove it.

#2 Seeds
Loser of UNC/Duke - The loser of the regular season finale - a second seed... poor guys
Tennessee - They had their chance, so they can't complain
Texas - UT seems to always fold come March Madness, always.  Just keep that in mind
Georgetown - Still have some tough games left against Marquette and Louisville

#3 Seeds
Xavier - Should win the rest of their games
Wisconsin - Needs to beat Michigan State on Thursday and after that they are near the clear
Vanderbilt - They beat Tennesse, so give them their respect
Connecticut - The Big East is deep

#4 Seeds
Indiana - Even with all the Kelvin Sampson business, IU is still playing well
Louisville - The Big East is very deep
Stanford - Still have dates with USC and UCLA
Purdue - Should be able to win the rest of their games

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