Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fantasy Baseball: How To Be Smart!

First off, I just want to welcome Jimmy to Sports Nation; it's going to be great to have another writer and hopefully have some differing opinions, every once in a while, too.

With that, about a week I wrote about some basic things you can do to be successful in your fantasy baseball league.  I used the term "be smart", but here is an in-depth look at exactly what that means.

1)Look for some young talent
When drafting your team try to get a few young, rising and upcoming stars, not old, declining from glory players; this is especially important in keeper and/or dynasty leagues.  For this upcoming season, I love players like James Shields (SP), B.J. Upton (2B, OF), Nick Markakis (OF), Hunter Pence (OF), and these are just the top few of a list of TONS of young talent.  Like I said in my previous article, don't make stupid picks on old and injury-prone players.  Don't take it personally Pedro Martinez, Jeff Kent, and Curt Schilling, but I don't want you on my fantasy baseball team.  These types of players may have had great careers, but unless they are your dad or you have some kind of monetary tie to them, don't waste your time.

2)Get a solid core of veterans
Though it is a good idea to get some young players, make sure not to get too many young players on your team.  Most of your team needs to consist of players that produce fantasy-wise numbers year in and year out.  If your team is going to be stronger in certain categories, this is the place where it needs to happen and in most cases one guy cannot make a difference completely on his own.


3)Draft a team full of players that take steroids
It's a proven fact that players that take steroids have better stats; they hit more home runs, get more runs batted in, and steal more bases.  Plus, if you haven't heard this year in fantasy baseball how many steroids your team's players have taken is a new category.
Haha, okay, just kidding about this one...

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