Saturday, February 23, 2008

Klitschko vs Ibragimov

Madison Square Garden, New York City-
Well well well look what just crept up upon us.... A heavyweight unification bout. The 1st heavyweight unification bout since Lewis vs. Holyfield in 1999. Nine years later the best heavyweights in the division are from Europe. Klitschko from Germany and Imbragimov from Russia. So maybe for one night for an hour or so on HBO we can forget about all the cheating in sports? We can take a break from the Mitchell report. We can take a break from Bellicheck and his peeping toms. We can take a break from Kelvin Sampson and his complete idiotic self who actually managed to get himself ousted from Indiana. For tonight we go back to some old school mano y mano 6 ft 2 219 pounds vs 6 ft 6 239 pounds, pound each others head in 'till the 1st one gives. Look people not only is it a big fight, it's also non PPV (it's on HBO) , and they are going to show the replay of Pavlik vs Taylor from last week where you may or may not think it was to close to call. So around 9:30pm est kick your feet up, tune in to HBO, and have your girl grab you both a beer out of the fridge because it should be a good one. One last thing... those steroid rumors in boxing are not true... are they?.....Thanks for the invite J.

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